Official Selection 2022

Quarterly edition from January to March 2022


Project Title Date Directors Country of Origin Duration Project Type
Stars in the head 2022 Etienne Larragueta France 0:03:52 Documentary, Experimental, Music Video
Survival Job 2021 Monica McCarthy United States 0:12:48 Short
We Yearn – Oberbaum 2021 Gilles de Voghel Belgium 0:03:51 Music Video
So much to see – Lake Porovesi – Around the year 2022 Pekka Juhani Honkakoski Finland 0:16:47 Documentary, Short
Purple Case 2022 David Sarian, Kostya Yezagelian United States 0:30:00 Short
The Center of Distance 2021 Rock WILK United States 2:07:28 Feature
My Friend Alpaca 2022 Maxim Balter Ukraine 0:05:30 Animation, Short, Student, Other
AGONY 2021 Loïc Guinebault France 0:11:26 Short
REMEMBER 2021 Garik Sukachov Russian Federation 0:09:48 Short
Let the wind sing 2022 Igor Sukachev Russian Federation 0:10:00 Music Video, Short
Thoughts Run Life 2022 Sin Wei Lee Malaysia 0:00:58 Experimental, Short, Other
She’s The Protagonist 2021 Sarah Carlot Jaber Belgium 0:14:01 Short
Series Pilot: The Damned Thing 2021 B. R. Tatalovic United States 0:30:00 Television, Web / New Media
Sweet Slavic Secret 2018 Tatalovic, B. R. Serbia 0:04:55 Documentary, Short
Gods 2021 Kipp Howard United States 0:04:00 Short
The Seeker 2022 Kipp Howard United States 1:10:00 Feature
Let’s Leave the Planet! 2021 Chelsea B Lockie United States 0:07:59 Short
Glasgow Reel 2021 Michael Sciotto, Ray DeTone United States 0:05:10 Music Video
Don’t Cry 2021 Linzy Attenborough United Kingdom 0:05:00 Short
6 2022 Mort Cohen United Kingdom 0:03:11 Music Video
The Conversation 2021 Paul Kelly United States 0:03:48 Short
Cattle Market without Cattles 2021 Yunglin Chen Taiwan 0:05:00 Animation, Student
Laura’s Choice 2020 Sam Lara, Cathy Henkel Australia 1:46:00 Documentary, Feature, Television
Asrasya 2021 Allwyn Rodriguez AL India 0:25:55 Experimental, Short
In Love With Your Silence (Animation Video) 2022 Deluxion Mohan United States 0:03:45 Music Video
Sedalia 2021 Dustin Gene Chitty United States 0:13:31 Short, Student
INSURRECTION 2021 Maurice Micallef Malta 1:30:00 Documentary
A hymn to Hecate (Pluto’s Return) 2022 Mat Gordon United States 0:04:30 Music Video
i wrote this instead of calling you 2021 Joy Fillmore Greene United States 0:02:24 Music Video
Can’t Wait 2022 Joy Fillmore Greene United States 0:08:00
Documentary, Experimental, Music Video, Short
CandyFight 2022 Eduardo Saenz Santiago Spain 0:09:42 Short
Paranoia 2021 Marcello Davis Australia 0:04:26 Music Video
American Fangs – We Stand Apart 2016 Brooks Cruzen United States 0:03:08 Music Video
A Feast That Never Comes [10m] 2022 Maria Juranic United States 0:09:59 Experimental, Music Video, Short, Other
Documentary, Experimental, Web / New Media, Other
The Cost of Denial 2021 Huw Christi United States 1:22:00 Documentary, Feature
Endlich 2021 Tristan Krebs United States 0:07:28 Experimental, Short
Littoral 2021 Sergey Irodov United Kingdom 0:10:28 Short
Blood Dust 2022 Batya G. Cruz United States 0:14:48 Short
Kill them all and don’t come back alone 2021 Enrique Novials Spain 0:24:50 Short
Sweaty Balls 2021 Jack Quint United States 0:03:30 Experimental, Music Video, Short, Web / New Media
Broken Dolls 2022 Adam Andrew Holguin United States 0:13:17 Experimental, Short, Student
Cosmic Storm 2021 Tane McClure, Sandra Stenzel United States 0:03:41 Music Video
The Man Who Has Eight 2020 Steven Shade United States 0:27:28 Short
42 Ideals of Maat 2022 Heather Regal Salmon, Donny Regal United States 0:04:44 Experimental, Music Video, Short, Web / New Media
DELIVERANCE 2020 Michaël Rué Switzerland 0:12:11 Short
The Man and The Smoking King 2021 Joshua Maslaki United States 0:06:30 Short
Children 2021 Elaine Cristina Melo Not Specified
S.A.D – The Movie 2020 GUILHERME GEHR Italy 0:09:00 Animation, Experimental, Short
Love Is the Light 2022 Douglas Heil Not Specified 0:03:34 Song
Just Breathe 2022 Gavin Edmonds United States 0:20:00 Short, Student
Alice Alice Alice 2021 Celine Dayan-Bonilla United States 0:02:10 Experimental, Short
OddBall Adventures: The Slide 2021 Collin Bogert, David Allsop United States 0:06:34 Animation, Short, Web / New Media
The Island Episode: The Movie 2022 Collin Bogert, David Allsop, Caleb Couvion United States 0:38:50 Animation, Feature, Short
OBSESSIONS 2021 Aashish Chanana United States 2:00:00 Feature
W.T.F. – Weird Things in the Forest (pilote) 2021 Jordi Avalos, Samuel Télot France 0:21:40 Television, Web / New Media, Other
HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew’s Five’s Nine 2020 R David Foster Canada 0:05:00 Animation
Hello Stranger 2021 Aifric O’Neill-Reardon United Kingdom 0:19:09 Short, Web / New Media
The Clay and The Girl | Original Music 2021 George Breadman Greece 0:00:00 Film Score
The Year I Wasn’t There 2021 Kicca Tommasi Italy
SNOWSHINE 2020 Barbara Peikert Switzerland 0:15:00 Experimental, Music Video, Short, Other
Momentary Lapse of Happiness 2019 Steven Bogdonas United States 0:03:29 Song
Red Hot Ramble Marie Laveau 2021 Sean Ryan Canada 0:05:41 Music Video
NAJARIYAA (The Vision) 2022 Abhishek Basu India 0:04:52 Music Video
Making Margot 2022 Helena Velaj Austria 0:17:00 Short
Super Black 2022 Will Manuel United States 0:01:50 Music Video
Nightmares 2022 Elles Case Italy 0:04:22 Short
A BEAUTIFUL BREAKUP 2022 Ajithvasan Uggina United Kingdom 1:30:00 Feature
PLANT STORY 2022 Kelly Polk United States 0:21:11 Short
Looking forward to the Asian Games 2022 hu li huai China 0:01:26 Experimental, Short
Mannaggia 2021 Anna Galtarossa Italy 0:17:00 Short
Wild is the North 2020 Hayley McInline United Kingdom 0:12:17 Short
FLUX 2022 Marcus Veras de Faria Brazil 0:02:38 Experimental, Music Video
TROUBADOURS CELESTES 2021 Hervine De Boodt France 0:23:00 Short
Marie-Luise 2021 Hervine De Boodt Germany 0:23:00 Short
Ayni (Reciprocity) 2022 Rita Panahi United States 0:25:23 Documentary, Short
Star Wars – Together 2021 Justin Christie Canada 0:04:00 Animation
Undercover 2019 Razieme Iborra United States 0:04:24 Music Video
BOBBIN 2022 Aarti Vitthal Borade India 0:20:00 Student
House of Lies Music Video 2022 Elizabeth Licht United States 0:03:53 Music Video