Official Selection 2022

Wednesday, September 28, 2022
The awards ceremony will be held in the emblematic “La Nacional” space at 239 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011.
The awards ceremony will begin at 7:00 p.m.

The awards ceremony will be presented by the Catalan composer and singer MEÏA SANTIAGO and entertained on piano by the composer Hayley Lam.




Quarterly edition from January to March 2022


Project Title Date Directors Country of Origin Duration Project Type
Stars in the head 2022 Etienne Larragueta France 0:03:52 Documentary, Experimental, Music Video
Survival Job 2021 Monica McCarthy United States 0:12:48 Short
We Yearn – Oberbaum 2021 Gilles de Voghel Belgium 0:03:51 Music Video
So much to see – Lake Porovesi – Around the year 2022 Pekka Juhani Honkakoski Finland 0:16:47 Documentary, Short
Purple Case 2022 David Sarian, Kostya Yezagelian United States 0:30:00 Short
The Center of Distance 2021 Rock WILK United States 2:07:28 Feature
My Friend Alpaca 2022 Maxim Balter Ukraine 0:05:30 Animation, Short, Student, Other
AGONY 2021 Loïc Guinebault France 0:11:26 Short
REMEMBER 2021 Garik Sukachov Russian Federation 0:09:48 Short
Let the wind sing 2022 Igor Sukachev Russian Federation 0:10:00 Music Video, Short
Thoughts Run Life 2022 Sin Wei Lee Malaysia 0:00:58 Experimental, Short, Other
She’s The Protagonist 2021 Sarah Carlot Jaber Belgium 0:14:01 Short
Series Pilot: The Damned Thing 2021 B. R. Tatalovic United States 0:30:00 Television, Web / New Media
Sweet Slavic Secret 2018 Tatalovic, B. R. Serbia 0:04:55 Documentary, Short
Gods 2021 Kipp Howard United States 0:04:00 Short
The Seeker 2022 Kipp Howard United States 1:10:00 Feature
Let’s Leave the Planet! 2021 Chelsea B Lockie United States 0:07:59 Short
Glasgow Reel 2021 Michael Sciotto, Ray DeTone United States 0:05:10 Music Video
Don’t Cry 2021 Linzy Attenborough United Kingdom 0:05:00 Short
6 2022 Mort Cohen United Kingdom 0:03:11 Music Video
The Conversation 2021 Paul Kelly United States 0:03:48 Short
Cattle Market without Cattles 2021 Yunglin Chen Taiwan 0:05:00 Animation, Student
Laura’s Choice 2020 Sam Lara, Cathy Henkel Australia 1:46:00 Documentary, Feature, Television
Asrasya 2021 Allwyn Rodriguez AL India 0:25:55 Experimental, Short
In Love With Your Silence (Animation Video) 2022 Deluxion Mohan United States 0:03:45 Music Video
Sedalia 2021 Dustin Gene Chitty United States 0:13:31 Short, Student
INSURRECTION 2021 Maurice Micallef Malta 1:30:00 Documentary
A hymn to Hecate (Pluto’s Return) 2022 Mat Gordon United States 0:04:30 Music Video
i wrote this instead of calling you 2021 Joy Fillmore Greene United States 0:02:24 Music Video
Can’t Wait 2022 Joy Fillmore Greene United States 0:08:00
Documentary, Experimental, Music Video, Short
CandyFight 2022 Eduardo Saenz Santiago Spain 0:09:42 Short
Paranoia 2021 Marcello Davis Australia 0:04:26 Music Video
American Fangs – We Stand Apart 2016 Brooks Cruzen United States 0:03:08 Music Video
A Feast That Never Comes [10m] 2022 Maria Juranic United States 0:09:59 Experimental, Music Video, Short, Other
Documentary, Experimental, Web / New Media, Other
The Cost of Denial 2021 Huw Christi United States 1:22:00 Documentary, Feature
Endlich 2021 Tristan Krebs United States 0:07:28 Experimental, Short
Littoral 2021 Sergey Irodov United Kingdom 0:10:28 Short
Blood Dust 2022 Batya G. Cruz United States 0:14:48 Short
Kill them all and don’t come back alone 2021 Enrique Novials Spain 0:24:50 Short
Sweaty Balls 2021 Jack Quint United States 0:03:30 Experimental, Music Video, Short, Web / New Media
Broken Dolls 2022 Adam Andrew Holguin United States 0:13:17 Experimental, Short, Student
Cosmic Storm 2021 Tane McClure, Sandra Stenzel United States 0:03:41 Music Video
The Man Who Has Eight 2020 Steven Shade United States 0:27:28 Short
42 Ideals of Maat 2022 Heather Regal Salmon, Donny Regal United States 0:04:44 Experimental, Music Video, Short, Web / New Media
DELIVERANCE 2020 Michaël Rué Switzerland 0:12:11 Short
The Man and The Smoking King 2021 Joshua Maslaki United States 0:06:30 Short
Children 2021 Elaine Cristina Melo Not Specified
S.A.D – The Movie 2020 GUILHERME GEHR Italy 0:09:00 Animation, Experimental, Short
Love Is the Light 2022 Douglas Heil Not Specified 0:03:34 Song
Just Breathe 2022 Gavin Edmonds United States 0:20:00 Short, Student
Alice Alice Alice 2021 Celine Dayan-Bonilla United States 0:02:10 Experimental, Short
OddBall Adventures: The Slide 2021 Collin Bogert, David Allsop United States 0:06:34 Animation, Short, Web / New Media
The Island Episode: The Movie 2022 Collin Bogert, David Allsop, Caleb Couvion United States 0:38:50 Animation, Feature, Short
OBSESSIONS 2021 Aashish Chanana United States 2:00:00 Feature
W.T.F. – Weird Things in the Forest (pilote) 2021 Jordi Avalos, Samuel Télot France 0:21:40 Television, Web / New Media, Other
HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew’s Five’s Nine 2020 R David Foster Canada 0:05:00 Animation
Hello Stranger 2021 Aifric O’Neill-Reardon United Kingdom 0:19:09 Short, Web / New Media
The Clay and The Girl | Original Music 2021 George Breadman Greece 0:00:00 Film Score
The Year I Wasn’t There 2021 Kicca Tommasi Italy
SNOWSHINE 2020 Barbara Peikert Switzerland 0:15:00 Experimental, Music Video, Short, Other
Momentary Lapse of Happiness 2019 Steven Bogdonas United States 0:03:29 Song
Red Hot Ramble Marie Laveau 2021 Sean Ryan Canada 0:05:41 Music Video
NAJARIYAA (The Vision) 2022 Abhishek Basu India 0:04:52 Music Video
Making Margot 2022 Helena Velaj Austria 0:17:00 Short
Super Black 2022 Will Manuel United States 0:01:50 Music Video
Nightmares 2022 Elles Case Italy 0:04:22 Short
A BEAUTIFUL BREAKUP 2022 Ajithvasan Uggina United Kingdom 1:30:00 Feature
PLANT STORY 2022 Kelly Polk United States 0:21:11 Short
Looking forward to the Asian Games 2022 hu li huai China 0:01:26 Experimental, Short
Mannaggia 2021 Anna Galtarossa Italy 0:17:00 Short
Wild is the North 2020 Hayley McInline United Kingdom 0:12:17 Short
FLUX 2022 Marcus Veras de Faria Brazil 0:02:38 Experimental, Music Video
TROUBADOURS CELESTES 2021 Hervine De Boodt France 0:23:00 Short
Marie-Luise 2021 Hervine De Boodt Germany 0:23:00 Short
Ayni (Reciprocity) 2022 Rita Panahi United States 0:25:23 Documentary, Short
Star Wars – Together 2021 Justin Christie Canada 0:04:00 Animation
Undercover 2019 Razieme Iborra United States 0:04:24 Music Video
BOBBIN 2022 Aarti Vitthal Borade India 0:20:00 Student
House of Lies Music Video 2022 Elizabeth Licht United States 0:03:53 Music Video