Official Selection 2019


— September and October 2019 


Project Title Completion Date Duration Directors Country of Origin
Bucky 2018 0:08:27 Geoffrey Gould United States
FIFTY 2019 0:18:25 Javier Dampierre Spain
RED 2019 0:04:00 Alexander Stephens United States
A Most Savage Beast 2018 0:15:00 Theo Hogben Norway
Time(s) To Breathe 2019 0:03:09 Stan Adard Switzerland
Miss Freelance 2019 0:19:00 Matthew Kyle Levine United States
Bike Couriers in Toronto 2018 0:00:00 Igor Stephen Rados Canada
Eleven 2019 0:04:41 Ariel Rodriguez United States
TRA1TORS 2019 0:04:41 Fox Verne United States
UNCLAIMED REMAINS “Forgotten” 2019 0:30:00 Thomas Phillips United States
What I See In You 2019 0:03:54 Megan Lawless Canada
Astronaut ( by Jelly Bean ) 2019 0:05:21 Pierre Ponchant France
Tristan & Kelly 2019 0:15:00 Sarah Ann Masse, Nick Afka Thomas United States
Northern Lights 2019 0:03:06 Scott Murphy United States
Prediciting A Beautiful Sunset 2019 United States
Pledge It 2019 0:13:13 Rachael Sonnenberg United States
Lone Wolf 2019 0:05:29 Jocelyne Berumen United States
The Donbass children 2019 1:00:00 Bulgaria
Are You Ready? 2019 0:03:52 United States
Area 52 2019 0:10:55 Kenzo Babin Canada
TANDEM 2019 0:11:05 Vivian Altman Brazil
Coming Down to the Wire… Wedding Mash-Up 2018 0:02:37 Kevin Sebastian United States
The sons of a preacher 2017 1:25:00 Robert Boyd and Lucinda Boyd United States
Bad Cop Bad Cop – The Dance 2019 0:06:53 Lala Costa United States
The Foolish Ronin 2019 0:03:49 Nicholas Philomeno United States
Sky Princess 2019 Italy
Talking to Control 2018 0:13:56 Lino Palena Italy
Juke Joint Money 2017 0:05:43 Denise Labrie United States
Barracuda 2019 0:02:57 Gary O. Bennett United States
Getting a Scholarship 2019 0:06:34 Gary O.Bennet United States
ARCH-RIVAL 2019 0:05:00 LIU QIANG China
Stuck 2018 0:03:42 Youngbin Yang United States
White Collar Lie 2018 0:03:26 Quinn Garcia United States
Andalusian women 2018 0:00:00 United States
Bulls & Bears EP3,EP4, and EP5 2019 0:11:00 Christopher G. Williams, Jeremy Sus United States
Time To Say Goodbye 2019 0:04:30 Son Jake Canada
Pianocide 2017 0:00:30 Brice Blanloeil Not Specified
Red Rose, White Rose 2019 0:14:30 Lily Min Ren, Livia Reiner United States
Northern Lights (Audio) 2019 0:03:05 United States
BrLooklyn 2019 0:09:28 Maria T Alvarado United States
AstroLOLogy – Leo – Leo’s Many Faces 2019 0:02:00 Ken Foong Malaysia
Aeons 2016 0:04:25 John F. Thomas United States
Herself 2018 0:09:00 United States
THE GIANT DEEP REDS (TRAILER) 2019 0:01:04 Maurice Micallef Malta
June 2019 0:10:00 Yangxuan Zhou China
Petra 2019 0:17:50 Andreas Avgousti Cyprus
Panic Attack! (new sound mix) 0:03:00 Eileen O’Meara United States
R o m a n c e 2018 0:10:53 Giorgi Tkemaladze Georgia
Handover 2019 0:27:55 Shuvayan Mukhopadhyay India
A World Away 2019 0:07:18 CHOUWA LIANG Australia
The Tell-Tale Watch 2019 0:10:10 Nima Nabavinejad United States
Darwin Awards 2019 0:10:00 Guillermo Arias-Carbajal Alonso Spain
Idiot 2018 0:18:30 Dušan Davidov Slovakia
Consequence 2019 0:04:02 Matt Morreale United States
Take it 2019 0:04:00 Txemi Pejenaute Spain
Where’s Jane? 2019 0:09:30 Michael Gaun United States
THE ESCAPE ROOM 2018 0:15:00 Bessy Adut United States
ASTOUNDING COURAGE IN DISTRESS 2019 1:41:37 Priyanka Singh India
For God’s Sake 2019 0:27:11 Maja Giannoccaro Italy
WITHOUT YOU 2018 0:08:50 Benjamin Bechtold Germany
Wing Chun – The Story Behind The Legend 2019 0:15:00 Michael Gault China
The Wonder of Slum 105 2019 0:13:57 Ishma Mahajan India
The Nun’s Kaddish 2019 0:06:37 Luis ismael Portugal
ASHES [ADT VERSION] 2019 0:04:48 Natalie Singletary United States
Promise Me 2018 0:08:02 Kevin Machate United States
Wake From Death & Return To Life 2019 0:07:51 Andrew Ferrer, Javier Gonzalez United States
Wonderland After The Darkness 2019 0:04:18 Tim Moldenhauer Hong Kong


— July and August 2019 


Project Title Completion Date Duration Directors Country of Origin
Snapped short film 2018 0:04:59 Joseph Fuller Ireland
A Missing Piece 2019 0:16:00 Grace Chang United States
Metamorphosis 2019 0:06:00 Fernanda Parrado United States
Scarlet Circle 2019 0:02:49 Ryan Cervasio United States
Havana Queen Story 2019 Cuba
The Lioness 2019 0:48:00 Richard Poche United States
Zendure Powerbank Branding Advertisement 2018 0:01:00 Phenix Jiangfu Miao United States
Mind of an Ocean 2018 0:24:57 June Mugo United States
Sonny Boy 2019 0:04:13 Karolina Lisowski Poland
Sing To Me 2019 0:21:00 Luz Cabrales United States
The Glow Of The Dragon 2018 0:17:43 Julio Yurnet United States
Catching Butterflies 2019 0:03:20 Ronda Swindell United States
The Journey of Story Float 2019 0:05:30 Yung-Lin Chen Taiwan
The Enemies 2017 1:05:19 Giorgi Gachava Georgia
End Point 2019 0:05:00 Rafael Cortes United Kingdom
Sur’vi 2017 0:12:00 Stephen Wise United States
SACRUM 2019 0:05:25 Rolf Lindblom Finland
Out of Bounds 2019 1:22:08 SD Green United States
2 Below 0 (Trailer) 2019 0:02:31 Tim Cash United States
Dead man wait 2018 0:11:39 Giorgio Molteni Italy
OUTSIDE – Daniel Laurent 2019 0:04:30 Jeffrey Palmer United States
The Minds of Men 2018 3:42:35 Aaron Dykes, Melissa Dykes United States
Out of Bounds 2018 0:02:09 SD Green United States
The Man Who Saved LKY 2019 0:06:29 Thomas Franks Singapore
The Ignition of Cave Man Dave 2019 0:01:30 Matt Bissett-Johnson Australia
Dormant 2019 1:36:18 Julian Jay Burton United States
An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted) 2018 1:23:00 Anne Welles United States
Little Achilles 2019 0:28:27 Sebastian Jansen Germany
Apt. 6c [trailer] 2019 0:01:00 Christopher Kerr United Kingdom
Esc.(ape) Online [trailer+] 2018 0:03:19 Not Specified
World As We Know It 2019 0:10:38 Jameson Bryant United States


— May and June 2019 



Project Title Completion Date Duration Directors Country of Origin
Rightful Retribution 2019 0:15:00 Cai Tinsley United Kingdom
The High Five 2019 0:27:50 Jason William Lee United States
Breathing above the Treeline 2018 0:15:00 Gitanjali Kapila United States
Vendetta Games 2017 1:31:21 Andre´ Joseph United States
Global Sign 2018 0:02:58 Austria
super tinga hero from two continents 2018 1:22:30 luciano moucks , luciana rodrigues Brazil
An Arctic Fairy Tale 2018 0:38:41 Christian Uhlig Norway
Falling Through The Cracks 2019 0:03:00 Valerie Rinder United States
Amaia 2018 0:03:52 Arma Benoit United States
End of Work 2018 0:03:49 Johannes Horak Germany
Deciduous 2018 0:16:20 Aaron Hanzel United States
Another Love Story 2018 0:03:00 Aaron Hanzel United States
A Lap Ahead 2019 0:10:13 Christopher W. Childers United States
FOLLOW THE ARROW 2012 0:13:00 marc saez France
OdeToSay 2019 0:05:03 Aleksandra Zdziech Poland
GIG$ – Episode One 2018 0:19:47 Chia Minaya Not Specified
Lukewarm 2019 0:07:00 Mitch Yapko United States
Dust 2018 0:05:00 Jonathan Guathier United States
Elderly Nenets 2019 Russian Federation
KATE ALLEN IS GETTING A LIFE 2017 0:32:22 Linda Stuart United States
Amphora 2019 0:17:17 RICARDO BAEZA Canada
Functional 2019 0:06:30 Meka Butler United States
The Things We Don’t Say 2017 0:14:55 Soleidy Mendez United States
Duped 2019 0:14:47 Paul Borghese United States
Goldfish Memory 2019 0:03:05 Lara Celenza Germany
A Gift of Love : Sifar (Emptiness) 2019 1:40:00 Dhruv Sachdev India
DOWN BY THE WATER – MEÏA 2019 0:04:07 Clara Brotons United States
DOWN BY THE WATER by MEÏA 2019 0:03:47 United States
Everybody 2019 0:01:20 Joseph Villapaz United States
The Avant-Gardener 2017 0:36:09 Lindsay Katt, Heather Matarazzo, Jeremiah Kipp, Carl Byrd United States
OKStupid (PILOT) 2019 0:08:01 Amber Brooke Wallace United States
Tudo Bom 2019 0:04:17 Carlos Lopez Estrada, Jeff Desom Israel
Jesus Rides A Harley 2018 0:29:59 Michael Boston United States
Sleeping in Ruins 2019 1:08:07 Horen Ghareeb, Hardi Qadir Ibrahim Iraq
Hazel 2019 0:06:23 Sara Eustáquio United States
White Cube – Yasutaka Nakata 2018 0:03:32 Tatsushi Momen Japan
KA・TA・O・RI・HA 2018 0:01:22 Kei Uehara Japan
Lysistrata 2.0 2019 0:03:53 Kai Soremekun United States
Thebes Crossing 2019 0:14:23 Frank Seliada (aka Tim Haynes) United Kingdom
Agatha Christie on stage 2019 0:11:21 Spain
In October 2019 0:06:05 Spain
Lock 2019 0:04:24 Piotr Matyja Poland
London Calling 2019 0:05:00 Stamatis Liontos Greece
Balancing Act 2019 0:06:00 Chandre du Preez, Dan Chen United States
Skye Steele – Rise of Nefertiti 2019 0:26:00 Howard Perry United Kingdom
WOLFSBANE “HELL ON EARTH” 2019 0:00:47 Jon Guerra United States
Women of the West 2019 0:24:21 Marie-Michele Jasmin-Belisle United States
The Quickening 2019 0:26:37 Brad Cooper United States
Take Your Dream 2019 1:38:55 E W Helmick Australia
SOCial MEDia MADness 2019 0:19:03 Michael Delaney United States
Forgive me 2019 0:02:38 Cucho L. Capilla Spain
Joseph’s Big Day 2019 0:05:11 Jackie Fiorillo United States
The Difference 2019 0:08:47 YuBin Zheng Canada
James 2018 0:05:15 Pablo Olewski Canada
Lost Thekra 2018 0:05:00 Almuhannad Alkadam United States
Gunshot in Los albaricoquès 2019 0:19:58 Jeremie Schellaert France
In The Woods We Can Be Together 2018 0:41:27 Ryan Schneider United States
The suburbs 2019 0:13:26 Brad McGirt , Jon paquette United States
Tunnelblick 2018 1:57:00 Alek Imanov Germany
Qassem Haddad .. The Last Door’S Hour 2019 1:03:15 Khalid Alrowaie Bahrain
Guilty Bunch of Flowers 2019 0:09:00 Wayne Kelly , Matt Holt United Kingdom
A Medicine for the Mind 2019 0:14:06 David Xarach United States
Salad Foundations 2019 0:26:00 Sean Daniels United Kingdom
Pregnant 2019 0:04:00 Anthony Longo United States
9 Lives 2019 0:04:08 Megan Morrison, Tofik Aliev, Anna Alieva United States
Due destini travolti dalla rivoluzione(Two destinies overwhelmed by Revolution) the Fan film about Lady Oscar e Maria Antonietta 2019 1:17:40 Yattaa – Emanuele Brusini- Italy
Dark Currency 2019 0:22:00 Christophe Chin United States
Right Before Your Eyes, “Heaven Song” (original song) by: Sherri North 2019 0:03:37 United States
“Right Before Your Eyes”, “Heaven Song” (original song video) by: Sherri North 2019 0:04:03 United States
Nothing Like The Sun 2014 0:18:30 Jonas Banks United States
Terms and Conditions 2019 0:08:03 Leon de Levita Netherlands
LINOLEUM – Alain Chamfort / Cie Niki Noves 2019 0:05:50 Niki Noves France
Humanity Last: Refugees Still Hope 2019 1:24:22 Molly Calliste United States
Pregnant 2019 0:04:00 Anthony Longo United States
Interrupted 2019 0:02:54 Jorge H. Martinez Vega United States
PURGATORY 2018 0:23:00 Malcolm X. Johnson United States
The Ins and Outs of Community Property 2019 0:08:55 Mike Stinnett United States
A Small Mistake’ 2019 0:18:30 United States
When I was 5 or 6 years old 2019 0:05:45 Grohmann, Dieter Michael Austria
polly pocket 2019 0:08:37 Maria Corso Italy
EVA SIMONS – AVALON 2017 0:03:27 Anton van der Linden Not Specified
Global Love 2019 0:05:18 Tejas Gandhi United States
Say Yes 2018 0:12:35 Johan Stavsjö Sweden
Whitetail 2019 0:10:38 Tommy Petroskey United States
Paradise Hotel 2019 1:32:53 Daniel Rehder Normand Peru
Queue 2019 0:06:46 Jacob Worden, Jessica Wilson United States
For While 2019 0:01:05 Jess Irish United States
Three Objects Spoke to Me 2019 0:05:03 Diane Kaufman United States
2 Below 0 (Trailer) 2019 0:02:31 Tim Cash United States
THE AURA 2018 0:04:08 Joseph Tiggs , Chad Michael (CM SOUND) United States
Sleep Paralysis 2018 0:02:24 Oboatarhe Ebiye Ikuku United States
Location Scouts 2018 0:30:00 Christiaan Van Vuuren, Connor Van Vuuren Australia
A Place I’ve Been Before 2019 0:15:26 Florian d’Oelsnitz United States
Knowing Me, Knowing You 2019 0:04:00 Ophelia Van Wijmeersch Belgium



— March and April 2019 —



Feature Fiction Film


DEPTH OF PYAAR 2019 Mukesh Asopa Canada
KUTUMBERI SAINO 2019 Ganesh Gurung Nepal
Lost at desert 2018 Sila Agavale United States
Aragon Alley 2019 Xavier Lee (Emil Lewis) United States


Best Documentary Feature Film


The Reverend’s Secret Mission 2019 P. William Grimm United Kingdom
JFK: The Last Speech 2018 Bestor Cram United States
Extraordinary: The Seeding 2018 Jon Sumple United States


Best Fiction Short Film


Blood Means Nothing 2018 Mark Oxtoby United Kingdom
TEMPTATIONS 2019 Aashish Chanana Canada
Violet Rain 2018 SHAUN LUPTON United States
Skin: The Movie 2018 Ronn Kilby United States
Modulation Nowhere 2018 Todd Bogin Germany
Love and Demons 2019 Jean Francois Mele Not Specified
Dagger 2018 Zak Ferguson United Kingdom
Mutha Friggas 2019 George Massimillo United States
Arsenic 2018 Katy Monique Cuomo Italy
Under Cover Comic 2019 Bobby Friedman United States
A Dream Deferred 2019 Mike Lee United States
THE BREATH OF CELIA 2019 MIguel Angel Barrroso Spain
When I Loved Her 2019 Andrea Lynn Nash United States
Magenta 2015 Max Körner Germany
#QuiProQuo 2018 emmanuel serge jaurès mbeutcha France
1947 Two Soldiers 2019 Sravan Gajabhinkar India
A Dream Deferred 2019 Mike Lee United States
Blood Means Nothing 2018 Mark Oxtoby United Kingdom
FIRST MISTAKE 2019 DC Brandon Canada
THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME 2019 marc saez France
Guessing Game 2019 Zachary Wincik United States
Dodgson 2019 Dan Michael United States
Shinaakht 2018 Pragyesh Singh India
Ghosts in the Ink 2019 Phillip McCarron United States
22 2019 Andrew Balog United States
Ripple Effect 2018 Maza White New Zealand
We are Family 2019 Jannike Grut Sweden
Monarch Butterfly 2018 Clyde Baldo United States
The Mask I Wear 2019 Brett Newton United States
Two Down 2019 Rolfin Nyhus United Kingdom
Map to the stars 2018 Pedro Jaen R. Paraguay
Good Morning America 2019 Krishna Thirupathy United States
Carolina 2019 Simone Centinèo Italy
Beyond Her Lens 2019 Tereza Hirsch Czech Republic
Pretty as a cupcake 2018 Marie-Eve verdier Canada
Ordnung 2019 Megan Ciafre United States
Love Takes Time 2018 Frank “Albert” Vazquez United States


Best Documentary Short Film


The Ancestors’ Memories 2019 Arata Shigeno Myanmar
The Last Warriors 2016 Valentina Ippolito China
Darshan – Blessings of Saints 2019 Burt Chojnowski India
Remembering Private Quagliano 2018 Rodney Roldan United States
Virtual Memory 2019 Julie Goldstein United States


Best Animation Short


Temptation Of Saint Francis 2018 Johnnie Semerad United States


Best Experimental Short


Platonic 2019 United States
Hotel Diary 2018 Nataša Prosenc Stearns United States
Crisis Act 2019 Alex Gheorghe Canada
Young & Naive 2019 Tuesday Conner, Phil Tyler United States
1947 Two Soldiers 2019 Sravan Gajabhinkar India
Hollow Pond 2019 Rolfin Nyhus United Kingdom
Virtual Memory 2019 Julie Goldstein United States
M O O D 2018 Zachary Szmerekovsky United States


Best Under 5 Minute Short Film


Abandon 2019 PAINT VK Canada
Shadow VS Light 2019 PAINT VK United States
Freelance 2019 PAINT VK Canada
Missing 2019 Gino DiLeva United States
Happy Bath Day 2019 Meka Butler United States
Silent Ways 2019 Lucy Vico Mexico
Ham on White 2019 Zachary Warner Not Specified
Bae 2018 Ryan Cervasio United States
Sweepers 2018 Pierre-Marie CHARBONNIER, Simon PIERRAT France


Web TV/Series


Take One Thing Off 2018 United States
Comic Oops Tonic 2018 Grigoriy Mironov Canada
Game of Souls – Episode 1 2016 Max Koerner Germany
Woe Is She (All 7 episodes) 2019 Chelsea B. Lockie United States


Best Music Video & Music


“Across the River and into the Trees” 2018 Maxime Riverin Canada
Red Lion 2019 Olivia Hadjiioannou Greece
The Ballad of Jack & Vi 2018 Annie Engman United States
One Time short music film 2019 Yelena Gorn United States
City at night – Petra Jordan live (Music Video – re-edit 2019) 2019 Grohmann, Dieter Belgium
Wonderful Mother Mary 2018 Alexander James United States
Tim Freitag – Tip Toe 2019 Achille Lietha Switzerland
Lisbonlife 2019 Júlio Pêgo Portugal
Red Omen – Ed Roman 2018 Ed Roman, Nelson Diaz and There Be Dragons Creative Media United States
Lover and a Giver 2019 Sebastian Rivera United States
A Royal Love – film score music 2018 Guy Renardeau Netherlands


Best Photography


“I Won’t Let You Fall” 2019 Kavan Cardoza United States
China 2009 Emma Sywyj United Kingdom
A Woman’s Right? 2015 Valentina Ippolito United States
Red Wind 2018 Valentina Ippolito United Kingdom



— January – February 2019 —




Feature Films


Project Title Completion Date Directors Country of Origin
Upstate Story 2018 Shaun Rose United States
Hallowed Ground 2018 Miles Doleac United States
Another Chance 2018 Jonathan Nelson, Tommy elmore United States
Pride of wisdom 2018 Dharani rajendran India
Creators – The Past 2019 Piergiuseppe Zaia Italy
THE LEGEND 2018 Florian HESSIQUE France
Just One More Kiss 2019 Faleena Hopkins United States
Benefited 2018 Clare McCann Australia
Losing It 2018 Marco Ruggio United States
Chubby Café 2018 LI Qia China
Nostalgia for Existing Without Delay 2018 Slawomir Milewski Poland


Best Documentary Feature


Jumpin’ Johnny: The Incredible True Story Of Dr. John Kline 2019 Cameron McCasland United States
One Child Left Behind: The Untold Atlanta Cheating Scandal 2018 Jodi Gomes United States
Return to Hardwick 2019 Michael Sellers United States


Best Ficction Short Film


Journey of Life 2018 PAINT VK United States
Life’s a Pitch 2018 Patrick Coleman Duncan United States
Beautiful Ending 2018 United States
Dance Class 2018 Xinying Lao China
Yellow Mountain 2018 Xinyi Yang China
In the Arms of Madness 2018 Talina Adamo United States
Stari Grad (Old Town) 2018 Jack Beck United States
Ride Away 2017 Alicia MacGibbon Canada
Tinder Dad 2018 Emmerek Vanleur Canada
The Mirror (ending 1) 2019 Massimiliano Mauceri Italy
The Mirror (ending 2) 2019 Massimiliano Mauceri Italy
Never Going Down 2019 Celine Dayan-Bonilla United States
A Favor 2019 Jacob A. R. Mannstaedt Denmark
Angelika 2018 Josh Minnie United States
Sea at Night 2017 Kim Fabienne Hertinger Germany
Dark Specter II 2018 Richard Tatum United States
Lunchtime is Over 2019 Bruce Nachsin United States
CANDELINE 2018 Asiyat Gamzatova Italy
Clean Up on Aisle Nine (Theatrical Cut) 2018 Derrick J. Johnson United States
The Scent Of You 2019 Todd Lien United States
Room 106 2019 Alexander McKee United States
A Ghost in Her Eyes 2018 Tom Procida United States
Lost Property 2019 CJ Barnes Australia
The Messenger * Hermes Remembers 2019 Algis Kemezys Canada
Stalker 2018 James Karasyov United States
Watching You Die 2018 Jackie Dallas United States
ALT + <3 2018 Joseph Neuman United States


Best Documentary Short Film


Asylum 2018 Jefta Varwijk, Jaap van Heusden Netherlands
Viqas Xinn – An Artist’s Rituel 2019 United States
Vietnam Aftermath 2019 Tom Phillips United States
Borders and Blood 2019 David Saveliev United States
Ridin’ Ropin’ & Jumpin’ Over Cars 2018 Elaine Smith United States


Best Animation Short


One Night Only 2018 Matt Bissett-Johnson Australia
The Most Magnificent Thing 2018 Arna Selznick Canada


Best Experimental Short


Rise in Darkness 2018 PAINT VK Canada
Dolls and Cigarettes 2018 Christina Breza, Vince Benvenuto United States
Maria’s Silence 2017 cesare bedogne Italy
Back Track 2015 Virgil Widrich Austria
Light Matter 2018 Virgil Widrich Austria
Vietnam Aftermath 2019 Tom Phillips United States
Room 106 2019 Alexander McKee United States
The Dancer 2018 Jason Silva United States


Best Under 5 Minute Short Film


Deep Sleep 2019-02-01 Sonia DiOrio United States
Game Time 2019-01-30 Paul Hickert United States
The Sweetest Death 2019-02-15 Matthew D Gilpin United Kingdom
A N X I E T Y 2018-10-01 Gabriela Amerth Brazil
white dialogue 2019-02-22 Grohmann, Dieter, Vandezande, Shania Austria


Web TV/Series


DESESPERADOS “Hoy tengo ganas de ti” 2019 Ludovica Lirosi Italy
Oracle 2019 Dooshima Williams , Kyle Thomas United States
Whats on the Menu with Michelle Ullmann 2018 Ivan Ullmann United States
Kennedy (web series)
2019 Domanique Cummings United States



Best Commercial & Trailer


Almost 2019 Elena C. Lockleis United States
The Birth of Deceit Trailer 2019 Yaw Agyapong United States
PRAIZE (TRAILER) 2018 Thomas Goggans United States
Frieda – Coming Home TRAILER 2019 Doc Miguel Germany
Autotorino. A history of passion. 2018 Carlo De Agostini Italy


Best Music Video


The Heart and The Void – A House by the sea 2018 Daniele De Muro Italy
BOARS – Diplexer 2018 Anna Cordioli, Francesco Moroni Spidalieri Italy
More than a Mountain 2018 Heather McKay United States
Love Is The Only River 2018 Rickie ‘Typo’ Crouch United States
Fly 2013 Jeff Lacroix & Chris Fraser Canada
Slide 2016 Gloria O’Brien United States
Say to Me 2019 Biz Strother, Andy Beargie Not Specified
Remembering Love Eterne 2019 Joseph Villapaz United States
elle tango – remix 2019 Odette Laramee Canada


Best Piece of Music (Only Music)


Love Is The Only River – single 2018 United States
“Ora” 2016 United States
Say A Prayer 2015 United States


Best Photography


Disfigured Dolls 2018 United States
The Dissociated Camera 2019 United States