Film Awards

Winners 2019



Best Fiction Feature Film:

Creators – The Past 2019 Piergiuseppe Zaia Italy


Best Horror Feature Film:

Hallowed Ground 2018 Miles Doleac United States


Best Comedy & Suspense Feature Film:

Chubby Café 2018 Li Qia, Cao Yiwen, Wang Weiqing China


Best Documentary Feature:

Return to Hardwick 2019 Michael Sellers United States


Best Experimental Feature:

Nostalgia for Existing Without Delay 2018 Slawomir Milewski Poland


Best Director:

The Legend 2018 Florian HESSIQUE France


Best First Time Filmmaker – Feature Film:

Creators – The Past 2019 Piergiuseppe Zaia Italy


2º Best First Time Filmmaker – Feature Film:

Benefited 2018 Clare McCann Australia


Best Director Documentary Feature:

One Child Left Behind: The Untold Atlanta Cheating Scandal 2018 Jodi Gomes United States


Best Actress – Feature Film:

HA SEN Chubby Café (2018) LI Qia China


1º Best Actor – Feature Film:

Gérard Depardieu Creators – The Past (2019) Piergiuseppe Zaia Italy


2º Best Actor – Feature Film:

Patrick Zeller Just One More Kiss (2019) Faleena Hopkins United States


Best Visual Effects – Feature Film:

Creators – The Past 2019 Piergiuseppe Zaia Italy



Best Fiction Short Film:

Candeline 2018 Asiyat Gamzatova Italy


Best Comedy Short Film:

Tinder Dad 2018 Emmerek Vanleur Canada


Best Thriller Short Film:

A Favor 2019 Jacob A. R. Mannstaedt Denmark


Best Documentary Short Film:



Best Animation Short Film:

The Most Magnificent Thing 2018 Arna Selznick Canada


Best Experimental Short Film:

Dolls and Cigarettes 2018 Christina Breza, Vince Benvenuto United States


Best Under 5 Minute Short Film

A N X I E T Y 2018 Gabriela Amerth Brazil


Best TV & Web Serie:

Kennedy (web series)
2019 Domanique Cummings United States


1º Music Video:

Say to Me 2019 Biz Strother, Andy Beargie United States


2º Music Video:

Remembering Love Eterne 2019 Joseph Villapaz United States


Best Trailer:

The Birth of Deceit Trailer 2019 Yaw Agyapong United States


Best Commercial:

Autotorino. A history of passion. 2018 Carlo De Agostini Italy


Best Director Documentary – Short Film:

Vietnam Aftermath 2019 Tom Phillips United States


Best First Time Filmmaker – Animation Short Film: 

Nicole McBride LILITH (2018) Nicole McBride United States


Best First Time Filmmaker – 5 Minute Short Film: 

Deep Sleep 2019 Sonia DiOrio United States


Best Director Experimental – Short Film:

Maria’s Silence 2017 Cesare Bedogne Italy


Best Director Student:

Ride Away 2017 Alicia MacGibbon Canada


2º Best Director Student:

Landscape 2019 Leonardo Nussenzveig United States


Best Actress – Short Film:

Yanying Huang Dance Class (2018) Xinying Lao China


1º Best Actor – Short Film:

Peter Kotthaust Sea at Nigh (2017) Kim Fabienne Hertinger Germany


2º Best Actor – Short Film:

Patrick Coleman Duncan Life’s a Pitch (2018) Patrick Coleman Duncan United States


Best Actress – Best TV & Web Serie:

Michelle Ullmann Whats on the Menu with Michelle Ullmann (2018) Ivan Ullmann United States


Best Young Actress – Short Film:

Lisa Christine Holmberg ALT + <3 (2018) Joseph Neuman United States


Best Piece of Music (Only Music):

Say A Prayer (2015) Gloria O’Brien United States


Best Photography:

The Dissociated Camera (2019) Andrew Grossberg United States